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Security and confidentiality are among our highest priorities. We’re not just renting mailboxes; we’re supplying customer service at a high level. Our mailbox rental customers reward us with their loyalty by renewing year after year.

Our mailbox service presents many advantages over the traditional P.O. Box rental at the Post Office because of the following:

Mail and parcel receiving from Fedex and USPS
√ Confidentiality and security
Mail and package forwarding to just about anywhere
Call-in service to check for mail and packages. Email too!
Fax receiving and notification

We have the most competitive Mailbox Rates in the Kihei/Wailea area!

Why rent a private mailbox?
Perhaps you run a home-based business, or want a temporary address while getting settled in Maui. Maybe you’re a frequent traveler? Perhaps privacy is a priority? Or, you’re an enthusiastic online shopper who can’t wait all day for valuable deliveries.

Getting started
Contact us today and learn how our mailbox rental services can make business more efficient and life more simple. Read more about our policies and services in the mailbox rental FAQs.

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